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Re: 4.0 chroots, threading, and builds wrote:

> Ok, I have made this possible. On your chroot host do this in a -current
> source tree:
> cd src/lib/libpthread
> export USETOOLS=no

It might be better to note that this should be done _before_ chroot,
i.e. on 5.0 (or -current) environment.

> cp obj/ /chroot/usr/lib

cp obj/ /chroot/usr/lib/
echo ' kern.no_sa_support,' \
>> /chroot/etc/

seems to do the trick on both 4.99.72 and stock 4.0 kernels
with no more tweaks.
(though I've tested it on plain 4.0 userland so put them into / directly)
Izumi Tsutsui

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