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Re: Status of revivesa (John Nemeth) wrote:
> } Well, such "conservatism" could be called "laziness". Fair enough, and
>      This is complete and utter crap.  It demonstrates that you don't
> have any clue about the administration of production systems.
> Something that you have demonstrated on several ocassions in the past,
> so you might wish to refrain from making comments about system
> administration.
> } understandable. However, it does not mean that we should taint kernel with
> } 3000+ lines (which invade all threading, and even mutex implementation) to
> } support very specific compatibility needs. But yes, from my daily
> practise, } often administrators just ignore software engineering points..
>      This is also crap.  It is more the case of "software engineers"
> (i.e.  academicians) ignoring the real world.  Software does not exist
> in a vacuum.  It must meet the needs of real people in the real world.
> Otherwise, it is just a useless toy.

Perhaps learn one time to use your email client and reply to the thread,
instead of creating a new thread each time? :) But before discussion about
software engineering, consider committing something more useful than white
spaces and typo fixes.

> } Looking at real world, business and administrators somehow survive with
>      You have no idea what the real world is like.

Well, I am sure about this, no doubt :) I am also sure you have idea and clue
on software engineering, and especially threading.

Unfortunately, childish arguments do not affect me, and system administrators
explaining to me what is crap is not a new thing too. So rather think about
time of other readers in this mailing list.

Best regards,

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