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re: Status of revivesa

   matthew green <> wrote:
   >    We had accidentally broken libpthread compatibility (after move of some
   >    functionality to librt) in -current. It was noticed 6 months later, by
   > one developer. So extent of the problem is probably not that large.
   > this is entirely false.
   > there was a PR logged by a user 1-2 weeks afterwards.
   Perhaps make sure that we are talking about same problem, before saying what
   is true or false? Otherwise, we can both call each other liars. :)
   Breakage was in January, PR was created in May, thus 5 (sorry, not 6) months.
   Well, maybe somebody noticed it earlier, but I am not aware of any earlier 

hmm, i can't find the PR or the original report off hand.

however, it came about 3 weeks after the GCC update in feb, about
1-2 weeks after the pthread_mutex_t change was made.  i remember
it very well because GCC update was initially blamed.

ie, a user noticed this problem fairly quickly.


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