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Re: wapbl: removing non-in-filesystem log

Dieter Baron wrote:

> while converting all my file systems to use wapbl, I ran into the
> following problem:
> # tunefs -l 0 /dev/wd0h                                      
> tunefs: tuning /dev/wd0h
> tunefs: Can't change size of non-in-filesystem log 
>   How can I convince it to use an in-filesystem log?  (Note, I have
> not (explicitly) created a log for this partition.)
> Here is dumpfs's idea of the superblock:
> # dumpfs -s /dev/rwd0h
>  [ ... ]
> wapbl version 0x0       location 0      flags 0x0
> wapbl loc0 0    loc1 0  loc2 0  loc3 0

All of the log location info is zero here so you have no knowledge
of any existing log, so I would expect a "mount -o log" to create
a log normally.

Do you actually get an error when you try "mount -o log ..." ?

The "tunefs: Can't change size of non-in-filesystem log" message above
is also because there's no existing log info in the superblock to


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