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Re: A hint for my Core 2 Duo MP bug

Vincent <> wrote:
> Hi there,
> I am back with my bug (the second CPU of my Core 2 Duo CPU won't start on
> -current).
> I've tried today a 4.0.0_PATCH amd64 kernel. Although the userland start
> crashes (why? I cannot get to the end of the init sequence), I clearly have
> a message "CPU 1 started", showing that the second core actually runs on
> 4.0.
> So, my question is: what is it, related to low level starting of cores,
> that has changed between 4.0 and -current?

Is there a filled PR about this? If no, can you please file it. Can you
provide more details about the problem (eg. dmesg, backtrace if crashes)?
Have you tried only amd64, or also i386?

Best regards,

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