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Re: pcmaudio(4), for fun and games.

Cherry G. Mathew wrote:

Announcing the pcmaudio(4) driver, for all geeks with lots of PWM,
lots of time, lots of boredome and nothing else to do.

Its basically been an exercise in writing a device driver for NetBSD,
and has only been tested with mplayer and xine.

Very cool, Cherry!

A few things:

  1. pcmaudio_attach: change aprint_naive to "\n"
  2. please implement pmf :)
  3. how does this interact with the i8254 timecounter?
4. AUDIO_PROP_INDEPENDENT means you can playback and capture in different formats simultaneously; i don't think that's what you want to advertise :)

Great work -- I can't wait to try it :) Just need to find something that actually has a PC speaker..


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