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Re: HEADS UP NetBSD lvm support

On Aug,Saturday 30 2008, at 6:23 PM, Thor Lancelot Simon wrote:

On Sat, Aug 30, 2008 at 10:24:52PM +0930, Brett Lymn wrote:

I expect that this question will be asked in regard to other features
with lvm as there is a bit of an overlap with the functionality from
other drivers.  As I see it, the advantage of lvm is that it provides
a framework to tie together what are, at the moment, disparate

One which, unless its utilities are in the wrong place in the source tree, could easily make those subsystems useless without GPLed userland code.

I do not plan to remove any NetBSD utilities. I have only added 2 binaries
which are used to create/manage lvm on linux. I believe that it could be
possible to write our own version of libdevmapper/lvm2tools.

From my point of view a lot of that existing code in NetBSD is of much
better quality than the corresponding code in Linux and it would be a
shame to throw away good, working code in the name of uniformity -- never mind making large swaths of existing functionality unusable by those who
cannot or will not ship GPLed code.

You are absolutely true here lvm2tools and libdevmapper are far away from good code. I only tried to get lvm on netbsd functional as soon as possible.



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