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wm @ 82571EB not working?


I was going to put two 82571EB based Ethernet ports in use, only to
discover that they do not work.  They show up in dmesg and ifconfig
works just fine, but no packets are getting through.  At one point,
dhcp requests were properly transmitted, but no reply packets were
received.  In syslog, there are lots of events like this:

wm2: device timeout (txfree 4024 txsfree 0 txnext 72)
wm2: device timeout (txfree 4028 txsfree 0 txnext 68)
wm2: device timeout (txfree 4025 txsfree 0 txnext 71)
wm2: device timeout (txfree 4032 txsfree 0 txnext 64)
wm2: device timeout (txfree 4030 txsfree 0 txnext 66)
WARNING: mclpool limit reached; increase NMBCLUSTERS

This kernel was built yesterday (tag netbsd-4) and I'm using xen3

I have two Ethernet ports on the motherboard and they work ok
(although they use the same wm driver).  The chip seems to be
different (i80003 instread of 82571EB).

dmesg is attached.  Any help would be appreciated.


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