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Re: Newbie Kernel Programmer looking for first project.

Here's my first submission. It gives the url to the actual patches.
Feedback most welcome.

                                             Michael Litchard
On 7/3/08, Tim Rightnour <> wrote:
>  On 03-Jul-2008 Michael Litchard wrote:
>  > When I see a pattern like this:
>  >
>  >#idef DEBUG
>  >    printf("foo"...);
>  >#endif
>  >
>  > I replace those three line with
>  >    aprint_debug("foo...");
>  >
>  > the reasoning being that aprint_debug uses AB_DEBUG to govern behavior,
>  > and a new convention is replacing the old.
>  >
>  > But I'm starting to question this. I see more complex preprocessor 
> commands,
>  > and now I wonder if I should just leave them alone. Could you give me some
>  > feedback?
> These are a tough case.  One thing you see alot is something where we do a
>  ifdef DEBUG printf, but the arguments to the printf aren't defined unless 
>  is defined.  So you would run into some compile issues there.
>  Additionally, some of the DEBUG stuff is pretty heavyweight, and is there for
>  true debugging, not casual use through dmesg.
>  I'm inclined to say leave most of them working the way they currently do.  
> Ie,
>  in the case above, change it to:
>  #idef DEBUG
>     aprint_normal("foo"...);
>  #endif
>  aprint_debug is more or less for cases where it doesn't require any 
> additional
>  processing to just print out some additional data that we already happen to
>  have.
>  src/sys/arch/ofppc/ofppc/mainbus.c is a relatively good example of different
>  uses, though not a perfect example.  In init_openpic() you can see how we use
>  verbose to note the enabling of interrupts on an SMP machine, and then 
> verbose
>  to note the address where the openpic was found.  (however, I see one is 
> marked
>  normal, oops). Finally, down in init_ofppc_interrupt() you see where we use
>  debug.  (I say relatively good example, because there are a few bad uses, and
>  it looks like 1-2 printfs are still in there.  Bad Tim.)
>  Alot of these are judgement calls.  You kinda have to do your best.  I would
>  convert 1 or 2 files, and then mail the diffs to tech-kern for review.  With 
> a
>  little feedback from some of us, you will get the hang of it quickly.
>  ---
>  Tim Rightnour <>
>  NetBSD: Free multi-architecture OS
>  Genecys: Open Source 3D MMORPG:

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