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Re: mount(2) and properties

the FreeBSD nmount() system call, which is declared as:

      nmount(struct iovec *iov, u_int niov, int flags);

but rather than use iovecs I think we'd use a prop_dictionary instead.
As to a name for this new system call - any suggestions?  :-)

A mount syscall which uses proplists and not wildly opaque data would
be quite desireable.

I would love to see plist enabled mount syscall code path.  When I learned
how Linux kernel approachs to host such the large number of filesys, my
jaw dropped with surprise.

If we are going to let plist have large significance at runtime kernel 
structured approach with clear discipline would be prefered before mess
creaping in.  Oh, it's like X server atoms, with 21st century makeup, if it
would have vital functions grow/shrink/change all the time.

Toru Nishimura / ALKYL Technology

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