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Re: sysctl question

On Sun, 22 Jun 2008, Quentin Garnier wrote:

Why do you think #2 is hard? It looks like most of the mechanics are already
there for it, it just needs a little extra parsing logic in
sme_userset_dictionary() to deal with warnings.  I think you can probably just
copy the code for critical-min/max and change a few lines here and there.

#2 is definately the correct way to do it.  If anything, it is an oversight in
envsys2 that it doesn't allow the userland to set those values.

There's also:

#3 put envsys2 to sleep and design *something*.  Anything has to be
better than something that never was actually designed, but just grew
randomly like an unmaintained tree.  Besides the developer who wrote it
has resigned.

It's clearly too close for 5.0, but it's definitely a project for 6.0.

Well, if I thought that #2 was hard, you can just imagine how much #3 scares the crap out of me! :)

I think that maybe we can still salvage the bulk of envsys2, and just redesign the monitor/events portion.

In any event, I've just submitted a PR for modifying existing envsys2 to include user-specified warning min/max events. As soon as I get a PR number, I'll attach my diffs and submit them here for code review.

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