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sysctl question

As I indicated yesterday, I'm writing a device driver for on-DIMM memory temp sensors (such as those on DDR2 FB-DIMM, some DDR2 SORDIMM, and all DDR3). The sensors have hardware limit registers for lower, upper, and critical temp limits.

sysmon_envsys(9) doesn't seem to provide a mechanism for the limits to be set from userland, so I need some other way to get values into the registers. I've thought of three ways to do this:

        1. Hardcode the limits in the driver, and don't provide any way
           to change them.

        2. Modify sysmon_envsys to add a new mechanism

        3. Add a sysctl to the driver for specifying the limits

#1 seems rather restrictive and makes it difficult to adjust the limits for testing the driver.

#2 is a whole lot more work than I'm ready to sign up for at this time!

So that leaves #3.

Adding the sysctl itself is relatively straightforward. But there's a catch!

I need to use a sysctl helper function to validate the user-specified value, and then stuff it into the device's registers. The helper itself is once again relatively straightforward, except that it needs to find the dev_t->softc in order to update the hardware.

Any suggestions on an acceptable mechanism for associating the sysctl node with the device's dev_t ?

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