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Re: "Michael MIC failure detected" with ath0 (from Eee PC) and WPA2-PSK


> Joel CARNAT wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I'm trying to connect to my WPA2 home wireless network using the ath0
>> interface of my Eee PC 701. According to wpa_cli, the key negociation
>> goes well, then after a few seconds, the error "Michael MIC failure
>> detected" appears and I loose the connection to the wireless network.
>> On the console, I can see "ath0: device timeout (txq 1)".
>> I'm using 4.99.58/i386.
>> Using the same NetBSD/wpa_supplicant/wireless_config on my Lenovo R61
>> (wpi0 interface), the connection is OK.
>> Is this an issue with the ath0 driver or am I doing something wrong ?
> Sounds like you are using TKIP, which I was never able to make work
> properly on Eee PC. mjf@ has a patch for the Michael MIC issue, but it
> still fails to associate with my basestation. Can you switch your
> basestation to use WPA2 AES mode? That resolved the issue for me.

OK, I'll try that when I'm back home.

> As for the device timeout, set the following in /etc/sysctl.conf:
> hw.ath0.txintrperiod=1

I was (privately) told to do so yesterday.
This now makes the attachement possible.
The connection is sometimes lost, then comes back a few seconds later.

BTW, what would be the "bad" effect of changing this value ?
If there's any.

It's not a very good connection but it always browsing, reading mail and
installing packages :)


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