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Re: "Michael MIC failure detected" with ath0 (from Eee PC) and WPA2-PSK

Joel CARNAT wrote:

I'm trying to connect to my WPA2 home wireless network using the ath0
interface of my Eee PC 701. According to wpa_cli, the key negociation
goes well, then after a few seconds, the error "Michael MIC failure
detected" appears and I loose the connection to the wireless network.

On the console, I can see "ath0: device timeout (txq 1)".

I'm using 4.99.58/i386.

Using the same NetBSD/wpa_supplicant/wireless_config on my Lenovo R61
(wpi0 interface), the connection is OK.

Is this an issue with the ath0 driver or am I doing something wrong ?

Sounds like you are using TKIP, which I was never able to make work properly on Eee PC. mjf@ has a patch for the Michael MIC issue, but it still fails to associate with my basestation. Can you switch your basestation to use WPA2 AES mode? That resolved the issue for me.

As for the device timeout, set the following in /etc/sysctl.conf:



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