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debugging GENERIC: set better defaults?

Is there any reason that we do not build all of the GENERIC kernels with
makeoptions DEBUG="-g" ?  Also, is there any reason that MKCROSSGDB=yes
is not the default for most/all ports[*]?

DEBUG="-g" produces a kernel with debugging symbols at
compile/GENERIC/netbsd.gdb. strips 'netbsd.gdb' to create a
compact 'netbsd' file, so you don't have to install and run the bloated
debug kernel if you don't want to.  netbsd.gdb is still useful for
examining a core dump, and for converting addresses read from ddb(4)
into names, using the cross-debugger.


[*] I know that at one time, MKCROSSGDB was broken on evbarm, but that
    may have been fixed, since.

David Young             OJC Technologies      Urbana, IL * (217) 278-3933 ext 24

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