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Re: system limits [Re: Workaround for Firefox crashiness]

> Also, for about a month or two now root's max process limit has been
> enforced. I'm not sure why the change was made but with a default limit of
> 150 many systems will break instantly if upgraded to 5.0. This should be
> upped to a more reasonable default, say 500?
> Thoughts?

I wonder if the maxproc limit should be killed completely, and replaced
with some heuristic check based on the amount of available kva, kvm,
swap (etc).

The system 'file' limit should probably be nuked completely, kernel
file structures are small, but any user can easily allocate all of them.

I also think the normal user 'hard' ulimit values should be set so
architecture dependand fixed defaults.
At the moment many are set to the system hard limit - so any user can
allocate all of a resource.


David Laight:

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