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Re: CVS commit: src/sys/kern

Matthias Drochner <> wrote:
> The error reporting works as expected now, thanks.
> (It would still be better if errno wouldn't be overwritten --
> perhaps save and restore it?)

Might be reasonable, but the rest of libpthread overwrites errno.
So it is not worth making this an exception.

> The panic is still there... I believe the problem is in
> the signal handling code -- see the appended patch. With
> that applied, I wasn't able to trigger it.

Thanks, commited. There might be more such cases in the kernel. I think
adding KASSERTs to the sleepq and SCHED_4BSD would be useful.

> There is also something which looks like another off-by-one
> in sched_m2. It appearently didn't cause problems, just
> noticed by code inspection.

Hmm, I have changed this in rev. Unfortunately, forgot the details,
but I think it was intentional, for performance purposes. Also, I have just
noticed there is a regression in SCHED_M2 - it performs worse than originally.
I will figure out this and update the code and comments where appropriate.
There are few very sensible (especially in migration mechanism) cases, where
small changes might have a drastic influence :)

Best regards,

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