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Re: rc_configured=NO after installed

Hello Jeremy,

Jeremy C. Reed writes:
> I had my 10 year old run the keyboard on the 8.0 amd64 install. Mostly
> pressed ENTER many many times. But then when got to the optional network
> configuration, I didn't realize what interface was which. So I pressed
> Ctrl-Z and used dmesg to learn. Typed "exit" and restarted install. We
> chose keyboard and didn't install again, but back to configuration menu.
> When done there, chose reboot.
> [...]

At least regarding the ^Z behaviour you have seen it was due a
problem in sh(1) and both netbsd-8 and NetBSD -current are not
affected to that (i.e. typing `exit' or `^D' will return to sysinst
and permit to continue the installation (not restart it!)).

If you are more curious, Rocky Hotas reported it in netbsd-users@
some months ago:


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