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rc_configured=NO after installed

I had my 10 year old run the keyboard on the 8.0 amd64 install. Mostly
pressed ENTER many many times. But then when got to the optional network
configuration, I didn't realize what interface was which. So I pressed
Ctrl-Z and used dmesg to learn. Typed "exit" and restarted install. We
chose keyboard and didn't install again, but back to configuration menu.
When done there, chose reboot.

BUT rc_configured=NO. Ooops. Easy workaround. mount / and echo 
rc_configured=YES >> /etc/rc.conf and exit. (The rest of my /etc/rc was 
correct for our custom selections, so I know that part worked.)

Where can we get rc_configured=YES set in install if restarting 

(I didn't look at that code recently.)

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