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Re: rc_configured=NO after installed

In article <>,
Jeremy C. Reed <> wrote:
>> >BUT rc_configured=NO. Ooops. Easy workaround. mount / and echo 
>> >rc_configured=YES >> /etc/rc.conf and exit. (The rest of my /etc/rc was 
>> >correct for our custom selections, so I know that part worked.)
>> >
>> >Where can we get rc_configured=YES set in install if restarting 
>> >installer?
>> /etc/rc.conf
>Same as what I put above :)
>My question was meant about the sysinst code path to make sure that 
>automatically happens before doing the reboot in the installer. I know 
>it normally does, but in my case somehow it got skipped; I don't think 
>that should happen since my install appeared to be otherwise correct.


./util.c:       replace("/etc/rc.conf", "s/^rc_configured=NO/rc_configured=YES/");


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