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Re: sshramdisk general information

On 21-Mar-2013 Martin Husemann wrote:
> I wonder if we should make the ssh option slightly different:
>  3) Auto-close this dialog with a short timeout (like: 15 seconds)

Menuc will need some kind of timer functionality for this.

>  4) If the user selected "continue here", just continue as usual with
>     sysinst on the console.
> Note that we also need to modify some of the util menus and dhcp stuff run
> later to deal with pre-run dhcpcd.
> Bonus: add wpc_supplicant and a menu item genrating a config for it.
> Then lets do the same for install CDs (where most of it is even easier).

I think what Martin proposes here, is probably a good general solution to this
for the mainline ports.  What I did was good enough for "toy" devices, like
PI's or NSLU2's, but I wouldn't use it for amd64.

Curious. Is there a way we can somehow make dhcpd know that we are sysinst, so
a user can put a hint in dhcpd.conf that says "any sysinst gets this IP"?

Tim Rightnour <>
NetBSD: Free multi-architecture OS
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