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Re: sshramdisk general information

I wonder if we should make the ssh option slightly different:

 1) Run sysinst on the console anyway (maybe with some minimalistic LOCK file
    protection against concurrent installs)

 2) If the network came up, sysinst shows a message box asking "we seem to have
    network, would you like to continue by ssh'ing into this machine?
    If not, we will continue here..."

 3) Auto-close this dialog with a short timeout (like: 15 seconds)

 4) If the user selected "continue here", just continue as usual with
    sysinst on the console.

 5) If the user chose network or did not type anything, fire up sshd, show
    a message with IP numbers and the sysinst/netbsd hint, but also alow
    the user to use the console sysinst.

Note that we also need to modify some of the util menus and dhcp stuff run
later to deal with pre-run dhcpcd.

Bonus: add wpc_supplicant and a menu item genrating a config for it.

Then lets do the same for install CDs (where most of it is even easier).

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