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Re: sysinst skip sets and passwd -l root


> In the Media Choices menu, I clicked Skip set a few times. Then I 
> clicked Skip set group. Then there was a failure.
> Where is the "Skip set group" explained?
this option should usually skip only a group, atm there's only one group: X

> But I pressed enter a few times (for defaults) and finally got to the 
> menu to set the root password which failed:
>   Status: command failed
>   Command: passwd -l root
>   Hit enter to continue
>   ----------------
>   sysinst: execvp passwd: No such file or directory
> Of course, since no "base" and no "etc" were extracted.
> It should never allowed this step.
> Then it got to choosing shell. I chose default and it failed also (no 
> chpass of course).
> Then the basic sanity check failed.
> Only one choice so pressed enter and then no "sed" to do the 
> rc_configured=YES step and then no sed for the /etc/ttys step.
> And then it said installation was now complete (when it was not).
> I didn't check yet if these problems are fixed yet.
> (Now back to main menu, I chose re-install sets to redo this.)
How would you fix that? Imho the way should be rather to generalize from the
current sets than making the current ones more static, thus you'd have to have
a configure-script for every set you unpack.

Regards, Julian

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