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sysinst skip sets and passwd -l root

Using i386cd-5.1.iso.

In the Media Choices menu, I clicked Skip set a few times. Then I 
clicked Skip set group. Then there was a failure.

Where is the "Skip set group" explained?

But I pressed enter a few times (for defaults) and finally got to the 
menu to set the root password which failed:

  Status: command failed
  Command: passwd -l root
  Hit enter to continue
  sysinst: execvp passwd: No such file or directory

Of course, since no "base" and no "etc" were extracted.

It should never allowed this step.

Then it got to choosing shell. I chose default and it failed also (no 
chpass of course).

Then the basic sanity check failed.

Only one choice so pressed enter and then no "sed" to do the 
rc_configured=YES step and then no sed for the /etc/ttys step.

And then it said installation was now complete (when it was not).

I didn't check yet if these problems are fixed yet.

(Now back to main menu, I chose re-install sets to redo this.)

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