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why incomplete installation?

Again using i386cd-5.1.iso.

After did sets (I didn't watch the entire time), it said there were 
problems unpacking and installation was incomplete.

selected 10 sets
0 sets couldn't be found
0 were skipped
9 were attempted
9 unpacked without errors
0 with errors
installation aborted

So why does it say 10 were selected but 9 were attempted. What one 
failed and why doesn't it say any errors?

Then I pressed enter (my only choice) and it created the device nodes. 
It seems like if there is a failure previously it wouldn't continue to 

Then it said unpacking sets is now complete and it said to change 
rc_configured to YES. (Why does it sometimes do this for me using sed, 
but now doesn't? I didn't check the source yet. I guess this because I 
chose "reinstall sets" versus the install.)

So I tried again. I deselected all sets. Then I chose "etc" set only.
It extracted it fine. Then same problems as above. It said I selected 
"2" sets but only 1 was unpacked.  I think it is off by one.

I didn't check if this was fixed yet.

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