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NetBSD cross compile from Win32?


What would it take to build a NetBSD/xxxx cross compile environment
on Windows?  I managed to get make running under cygwin, and config
mostly worked, but I didn't have a lot of success trying to get gcc
to configure.

The reason I'm posting this to tech-embed is that I think it would be
nice to have a fairly easy to install/use toolchain that a Windows
user can target NetBSD with.  While most people are willing to install
NetBSD to host a cross compile environment, for embedded developers it
would be nice to provide a Windows friendly system.

This seems like it would be really nice, particularly for platforms like
dreamcast, hpcsh, hpcmips, evbsh3, mpc8xx (soon?), and perhaps sibyte.

So anyway, I'm just curious if anyone else is thinking about this.


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