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Re: NetBSD cross compile from Win32?

Andrew Gillham <> writes:
> What would it take to build a NetBSD/xxxx cross compile environment
> on Windows?  I managed to get make running under cygwin, and config
> mostly worked, but I didn't have a lot of success trying to get gcc
> to configure.

> The reason I'm posting this to tech-embed is that I think it would be
> nice to have a fairly easy to install/use toolchain that a Windows
> user can target NetBSD with.  While most people are willing to install
> NetBSD to host a cross compile environment, for embedded developers it
> would be nice to provide a Windows friendly system.

This sounds like it might be really useful for the embedded world. I
encourage you to get it to work...


Perry E. Metzger      
Quality NetBSD CDs, Support & Service.

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