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Clustering Software on CD

Hello, I joined the list with hopes of finding more stuff out about Netbsd
with respect to clustering.

I have been using OpenMosix on Clusterknoppix; I wanted however a BSD
solution that was similiar.

First, the only thing I found was Cluster-it, and even then, it's webpage
seems to be down, so I only read the cache'd version from google.

Second, there seems to be very little documentation about how to use
netbsd in a clustered environment, and what little documentation is
haphazard at best.  I read about netbsd cluster used in some Marathon
picture splicing, but it didn't say anything about what software was used
for clustering.

Finally, I'm hoping there's a OpenMosix like solution for BSD, in which I
can drop in a CD, and get it up and running without having to install nor
the need for HD's.  Is there anything like that for BSD??

I'm more than willing to help out in projects, but I've not even found a
project to help out with.

Thanks in advance.

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