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Integration of PVM into SGE 5.3

I'm trying to integrate PVM into SGE 5.3. But for some reasons, pvm is not  
started. Here is what I did:  
- replaced SGE_ROOT/pvm with the supplied from SGE howto website  
- Since NetBSD is not supported by PVM, I added the folloing line in to  
case nbsd-i386:    
case glinux:    
case linux:    
set CC = gcc    
set CFLAGS = "-O -Wall -Werror -Wstrict-prototypes -DLINUX $DEBUG_FLAG  
- Defined PE: 
arbutus# qconf -mp pvm  
pe_name           pvm 
queue_list        all 
slots             32 
user_lists        NONE 
xuser_lists       NONE 
start_proc_args   /usr/pkg/sge/pvm/ $pe_hostfile 
$host /usr/pkg/pvm3 
stop_proc_args    /usr/pkg/sge/pvm/ $pe_hostfile $host 
allocation_rule   1 
control_slaves    FALSE 
job_is_first_task TRUE 
then I got the errors when I run the hello program: 
acacia: {36} more 
[pvmd pid25581] 06/16 14:21:08 readhostfile() iflist failed 
startpvm: Couldn't get all of the 2 requested hosts 
rm: /tmp/481.1.yucca.q/hostfile: No such file or directory 
libpvm [pid27666] /tmp/pvmd.1024: No such file or directory 
libpvm [pid27666] /tmp/pvmd.1024: No such file or directory 
libpvm [pid27666]: pvm_halt(): Can't contact local daemon 
acacia: {37} more 
/usr/pkg/sge/default/spool/yucca/active_jobs/481.1/pe_hostfile /usr/pkg/pvm3 
/var/tmp/tmp.0.00025581aa startup failed - invoking cleanup script 
/usr/pkg/sge/default/spool/oenothera/active_jobs/481.1/pe_hostfile /usr/pkg/pvm3 
Does anyone know why pvm doesn't start. I've checked with SGE people and they 
think the generated line "/var/tmp/tmp.0.00025581aa" shouldn't be there and 
maybe PVM is compiled in a special way on NetBSD... But they seem not know how 
to fix it. I highly appreciated if anyone could help me to fix that problem. 
Thank you very much,  
Co Thai Ngo    
Dept. of Biology     
New Mexico State University     

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