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Re: Clustering Software on CD

Albert Yang <> wrote:
> Second, there seems to be very little documentation about how to use
> netbsd in a clustered environment, and what little documentation is
> haphazard at best.  I read about netbsd cluster used in some Marathon
> picture splicing, but it didn't say anything about what software was used
> for clustering.

I can't speak for that environment myself (Hubert, can you chip in?),
but in the cluster that I maintain, we don't really use anything fancy
at all.  We have a shared filesystem, read-only local filesystem on the
nodes and use MPI and PVM to parallelize.

Another cluster uses the same approach, just with diskless nodes that
netboot and NFS mount everything that's needed.

Other people have reportedly used Sun Grid Engine, but I haven't had the
time to set this up myself.

It's true that documentation is lacking... as usual, this task falls
back to all users. :-)  If you have a specific setup, why not document
it and make it available to all of us?


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