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Re: CVS commit: src/distrib/utils/sysinst

Tom Spindler wrote:
   > >- kernfs is hosed at the moment and nothing appears to rely on it any
   > >  more so disable it. (IPsec did at one point, IIRC).
> > Huh? And what about /kern/xen? Did I miss something lately? Should the /kern/xen stuff be moved into /proc, then? (/kern/xen ain't
   mentioned in mount_kernfs(8)....)

exactly how is the /kern/xen stuff related to processes?

An excellent question. I have no idea what /kern/xen does.

However, given that the recent changes to /proc turn on the linux
stuff by default (which includes things like cpuinfo, mounts, and
other non strictly-process related information), I don't think it'd
be that much of a stretch to put whatever /kern/xen does in /proc.
(I could be completely misguided as to the nature of /kern/xen,

It is used to provide kernel interfaces for dom0 to some Xen-specific routines, like privileged commands to hypervisor (mapping domU's memory inside dom0, altering domU's states, ...), and expose information required by Xenstore to work properly.

Jean-Yves Migeon

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