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Re: CVS commit: src/sys/dev/pci

Bernd Ernesti wrote:
> On Thu, Oct 30, 2008 at 12:02:15PM +0000, Darran Hunt wrote:
>> Module Name: src
>> Committed By:        darran
>> Date:                Thu Oct 30 12:02:15 UTC 2008
>> Modified Files:
>>      src/sys/dev/pci: files.pci
>> Added Files:
>>      src/sys/dev/pci/n8: Makefile.lkm files.n8 helper.c helper.h license.txt
>>          n8_memory_bsd.c n8_semaphore_bsd.c nsp.c nsp.h nspvar.h
>>      src/sys/dev/pci/n8/QMgr: Makefile QMQueue.c QMQueue.h QMUtil.c QMUtil.h
>>          QMgrInit.c QMgrInit.h RNQueue.c RN_Queue.h
>>      src/sys/dev/pci/n8/common: config.c config.h contextMem.c contextMem.h
>>          displayRegs.c displayRegs.h irq.c irq.h n8_SKSManager.c
>>          n8_daemon_kernel.c n8_driver_main.h n8_driver_parms.h n8_memory.c
>>          n8_memory.h n8_rn_common.h n8_sksInit.c n8_sksInit.h nsp2000_regs.h
>>          nsp_ioctl.c userPool.c userPool.h
>>      src/sys/dev/pci/n8/common/api: Makefile md32_common.h
>>          n8_API_Initialize.c n8_API_Initialize.h n8_buffer.c n8_callback.c
>>          n8_contextM.c n8_cryptographic.c n8_daemon_sks.c n8_dh.c n8_dsa.c
>>          n8_dsa.h n8_event.c n8_hash.c n8_hash.h n8_key_works.c n8_packet.c
>>          n8_packet.h n8_packet_IPSec.c n8_packet_IPSec.h n8_pk_ops.c
>>          n8_precomp_md5.c n8_precomp_md5.h n8_precomp_md5_locl.h
>>          n8_precomp_sha_locl.h n8_precompute.c n8_precompute.h
>>          n8_pub_enums.c n8_request.c n8_rng.c n8_rsa.c n8_rsa.h n8_sks.c
>>          n8_ssltls.c n8_ssltls.h n8_system.c n8_user_util.c n8_util.c
>>          n8_util.h test_case.c
>>      src/sys/dev/pci/n8/common/api/commands: Makefile n8_cb_dh.c n8_cb_dh.h
>>          n8_cb_dsa.c n8_cb_dsa.h n8_cb_ea.c n8_cb_ea.h n8_cb_pk_ops.c
>>          n8_cb_pk_ops.h n8_cb_rsa.c n8_cb_rsa.h
>>      src/sys/dev/pci/n8/include_private: n8_OS_intf.h n8_SKSManager.h
>>          n8_common.h n8_daemon_common.h n8_daemon_sks.h n8_device_info.h
>>          n8_driver_api.h n8_ea_common.h n8_enqueue_common.h n8_key_works.h
>>          n8_malloc_common.h n8_manage_memory.h n8_pk_common.h n8_rand.h
>>          n8_semaphore.h n8_sks.h n8_sks_util.h n8_time.h n8_version.h
>>          nsp_ioctl.h test_case.h
>>      src/sys/dev/pci/n8/include_public: n8_pub_buffer.h n8_pub_common.h
>>          n8_pub_context.h n8_pub_enums.h n8_pub_errors.h n8_pub_hash.h
>>          n8_pub_packet.h n8_pub_pk.h n8_pub_request.h n8_pub_rng.h
>>          n8_pub_service.h n8_pub_sks.h n8_pub_symmetric.h n8_pub_types.h
>>          n8_sdk_config.h
>>      src/sys/dev/pci/n8/memory: n8_manage_memory.c
>> Log Message:
>> NetOctave NSP2000 driver, ported from FreeBSD and integrated with
>> opencrypto by CoyotePoint Systems.  The FreeBSD driver source was recently
>> made available by NBMK Encryption Technologies.
>> The port includes some currently unused code which implements kernel and
>> user space interfaces for the driver in FreeBSD.  These are left in at this
>> time to facilitate the port of these interface to NetBSD if they are of
>> interest.
> I'm a little scared to see such a big new and unknown type driver going in 
> now.
> Some filename suggest that they duplicates other files.
> You only added the files to files.pci, is there no need to add the entry to
> pcidevs too?
> And the directory name is not a very intuitive one too: n8
> What does have n8 to do with NSP2000 and what is a NSP2000?

I fully agree with Bernd: Such a huge patch should have been presented
on tech-kern for review.


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