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Re: CVS commit: src/sys/dev/pci

On Thu, Oct 30, 2008 at 12:02:15PM +0000, Darran Hunt wrote:
> Module Name:  src
> Committed By: darran
> Date:         Thu Oct 30 12:02:15 UTC 2008
> Modified Files:
>       src/sys/dev/pci: files.pci
> Added Files:
>       src/sys/dev/pci/n8: Makefile.lkm files.n8 helper.c helper.h license.txt
>           n8_memory_bsd.c n8_semaphore_bsd.c nsp.c nsp.h nspvar.h
>       src/sys/dev/pci/n8/QMgr: Makefile QMQueue.c QMQueue.h QMUtil.c QMUtil.h
>           QMgrInit.c QMgrInit.h RNQueue.c RN_Queue.h
>       src/sys/dev/pci/n8/common: config.c config.h contextMem.c contextMem.h
>           displayRegs.c displayRegs.h irq.c irq.h n8_SKSManager.c
>           n8_daemon_kernel.c n8_driver_main.h n8_driver_parms.h n8_memory.c
>           n8_memory.h n8_rn_common.h n8_sksInit.c n8_sksInit.h nsp2000_regs.h
>           nsp_ioctl.c userPool.c userPool.h
>       src/sys/dev/pci/n8/common/api: Makefile md32_common.h
>           n8_API_Initialize.c n8_API_Initialize.h n8_buffer.c n8_callback.c
>           n8_contextM.c n8_cryptographic.c n8_daemon_sks.c n8_dh.c n8_dsa.c
>           n8_dsa.h n8_event.c n8_hash.c n8_hash.h n8_key_works.c n8_packet.c
>           n8_packet.h n8_packet_IPSec.c n8_packet_IPSec.h n8_pk_ops.c
>           n8_precomp_md5.c n8_precomp_md5.h n8_precomp_md5_locl.h
>           n8_precomp_sha_locl.h n8_precompute.c n8_precompute.h
>           n8_pub_enums.c n8_request.c n8_rng.c n8_rsa.c n8_rsa.h n8_sks.c
>           n8_ssltls.c n8_ssltls.h n8_system.c n8_user_util.c n8_util.c
>           n8_util.h test_case.c
>       src/sys/dev/pci/n8/common/api/commands: Makefile n8_cb_dh.c n8_cb_dh.h
>           n8_cb_dsa.c n8_cb_dsa.h n8_cb_ea.c n8_cb_ea.h n8_cb_pk_ops.c
>           n8_cb_pk_ops.h n8_cb_rsa.c n8_cb_rsa.h
>       src/sys/dev/pci/n8/include_private: n8_OS_intf.h n8_SKSManager.h
>           n8_common.h n8_daemon_common.h n8_daemon_sks.h n8_device_info.h
>           n8_driver_api.h n8_ea_common.h n8_enqueue_common.h n8_key_works.h
>           n8_malloc_common.h n8_manage_memory.h n8_pk_common.h n8_rand.h
>           n8_semaphore.h n8_sks.h n8_sks_util.h n8_time.h n8_version.h
>           nsp_ioctl.h test_case.h
>       src/sys/dev/pci/n8/include_public: n8_pub_buffer.h n8_pub_common.h
>           n8_pub_context.h n8_pub_enums.h n8_pub_errors.h n8_pub_hash.h
>           n8_pub_packet.h n8_pub_pk.h n8_pub_request.h n8_pub_rng.h
>           n8_pub_service.h n8_pub_sks.h n8_pub_symmetric.h n8_pub_types.h
>           n8_sdk_config.h
>       src/sys/dev/pci/n8/memory: n8_manage_memory.c
> Log Message:
> NetOctave NSP2000 driver, ported from FreeBSD and integrated with
> opencrypto by CoyotePoint Systems.  The FreeBSD driver source was recently
> made available by NBMK Encryption Technologies.
> The port includes some currently unused code which implements kernel and
> user space interfaces for the driver in FreeBSD.  These are left in at this
> time to facilitate the port of these interface to NetBSD if they are of
> interest.

I'm a little scared to see such a big new and unknown type driver going in now.
Some filename suggest that they duplicates other files.
You only added the files to files.pci, is there no need to add the entry to
pcidevs too?

And the directory name is not a very intuitive one too: n8
What does have n8 to do with NSP2000 and what is a NSP2000?


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