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Re: CVS commit: src

> On Sep 3, 2019, at 5:04 AM, Sevan Janiyan <> wrote:
> On 03/09/2019 12:59, Brad Spencer wrote:
>> One possible alternative to that is to install OpenZFS on MacOS and
>> create a ZFS filesystem inside of whatever...
> Or a disk image which is case sensitive (hfs/apfs) problem is then that
> it's slow.

If your Mac has APFS, it's not quite that bad -- you can create a new file system that's case-insensitive inside the same APFS container as the file system with your home directory and space-share with that file system (the default behavior).  You can do this all within Disk Utility without having to remember any command line magic.  There is not a performance penalty for this.  And the case-sensitive path is a well-tested, since that's what iOS uses.

But there is definitely an annoyance penalty.  It's an extra step (or two) that shouldn't be necessary.  At least not without announcing the deprecation of support for case-insensitive host platforms, and providing a transition period for people rather than letting them be surprised (and then stuck) when they went to update their source tree.

For Macs that aren't on APFS (I have an iMac at home in this situations that I build on all the time), they're just screwed by this change.  Essentially, any Mac model that was not supported by macOS 10.14 is possibly stuck with HFS+ (this is because 10.13 only converted all-flash Macs to APFS; systems with HDDs remained on HFS+).

While we're at it, are we going to say that pkgsrc is now case-sensitive-only, too?  And if not, then why are we being lazy about src?

-- thorpej

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