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Re: CVS commit: src

> Date: Tue, 3 Sep 2019 04:07:16 +0000
> From: Taylor R Campbell <>
> 1. We could simply revert the commits, but that will nevertheless
>    break checkout by date on case-insensitive file systems, which
>    implies breaking bisection over the past week on case-insensitive
>    file systems.

I'm just going to revert the one commit once I've done a distribution
build to confirm it worked; explain what happened in UPDATING and send
an announcement to current-users about deleting the files manually;
and then sort out how to reimport later.

This does mean checkout-by-date will fail on case-insensitive file
systems, but bisection will continue to work for everyone else -- I'm
not seeing a way to improve on that outcome.

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