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Re: CVS commit: src

In article <>,
Masanobu SAITOH  <> wrote:
>> So, options are:
>>         a) Remove duplicated upper-cased files.
>>            pros: Simple. It's not required to modify radeon driver itself.
>>                  It also works with new kernel with old filesysysm.
>>            cons: If the driver failed to load the lower cased firmware,
>>                  driver can't read the upper-cased firmware.

Are we sure that the old firmware files are not needed? I.e. are there old
chips that only work with the old firmware files and the change was not

>>         b) Rename upper-case'd file to another name e.g.: foo_bar_old.bin
>>            pros: It can be keep the driver's behavior the same as linux's.
>>            cons: We have to modify many files and lines.
>>                  If we support new kernel + old filesystem, we should modify
>>                  the driver to load FOO_BAR.bin first and then

This is the most intrusive option. Even if you choose to do "d" as I describe
below, it is probably preferrable to change the filename from:

	radeon/FOO_bar.bin and radeon/foo_bar.bin to
	radeon/FOO_bar.bin and radeon/new/foo_bar.bin 

There are only 2 files that need the change and due to excessive cut-n-pasting
there are a bunch of snprintf's that need modifying (the ones that contain
new_chip_name in src/sys/external/bsd/drm2/dist/drm/radeon: radeon_si.c
and radeon_cik.c)

>>         c) keep the current status as it is.
>>            pros: Any additional work is not required.
>>            cons: have trouble on case-insensitive file system.

This is not an option. We want to be able to work on case-insensitive

>>         d) Any other options.

$ mkdir new
$ mv [a-z]* new
Do what you want about choosing where (or if) you want to install the old
and the new files.


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