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Re: CVS commit: src


 In August 2014, lower-cased filename's files are added in the following

This commit says those files use the new header format. The radeon's drmkms
driver basically try to use lower case's file first and then try the upper
case's one. [*1]

After the above commit, usually lower-case's files have been added and updated.
Two exceptions:

        TAHITI_vce.bin (only uppercase exists)
        BONAIRE_uvd.bin (both upper and lowe exist and both updated)

Some old (upper-case'd) firmware might be maintained anymore.

        Number of upper-cased filename's files: 158
        Number of lower-cased filename's files: 66
        Both lower-cased and upper-cased: 65

        kaveri_mec2.bin has only lowercase one.
        (see also:

[*1] For _mc*.bin:
        1st try: lower-case _mc.bin
        2nd try: upper-case _mc2.bin
        3rd try: upper-case _mc.bin

So, options are:

        a) Remove duplicated upper-cased files.

           pros: Simple. It's not required to modify radeon driver itself.
                 It also works with new kernel with old filesysysm.
           cons: If the driver failed to load the lower cased firmware,
                 driver can't read the upper-cased firmware.

        b) Rename upper-case'd file to another name e.g.: foo_bar_old.bin

           pros: It can be keep the driver's behavior the same as linux's.
           cons: We have to modify many files and lines.
                 If we support new kernel + old filesystem, we should modify
                 the driver to load FOO_BAR.bin first and then FOO_BAR_old.bin.

        c) keep the current status as it is.

           pros: Any additional work is not required.
           cons: have trouble on case-insensitive file system.

        d) Any other options.

                SAITOH Masanobu (

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