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Re: CVS commit: src

These seem to be lowercase versions of the same names. We're going to
have trouble with the people who use case insensitive filesystems and

(Or maybe it's not so bad because they're files, not directories?)

On Tue, Aug 27, 2019 at 12:45:04PM +0000, SAITOH Masanobu wrote:
> Module Name:	src
> Committed By:	msaitoh
> Date:		Tue Aug 27 12:45:04 UTC 2019
> Modified Files:
> 	src/distrib/sets/lists/base: mi
> 	src/sys/dev/microcode/radeon: Makefile
> Added Files:
> 	src/sys/dev/microcode/radeon: bonaire_ce.bin bonaire_mc.bin
> 	    bonaire_me.bin bonaire_mec.bin bonaire_pfp.bin bonaire_rlc.bin
> 	    bonaire_sdma.bin bonaire_smc.bin bonaire_uvd.bin hainan_ce.bin
> 	    hainan_mc.bin hainan_me.bin hainan_pfp.bin hainan_rlc.bin
> 	    hainan_smc.bin hawaii_ce.bin hawaii_mc.bin hawaii_me.bin
> 	    hawaii_mec.bin hawaii_pfp.bin hawaii_rlc.bin hawaii_sdma.bin
> 	    hawaii_smc.bin kabini_ce.bin kabini_me.bin kabini_mec.bin
> 	    kabini_pfp.bin kabini_rlc.bin kabini_sdma.bin kaveri_ce.bin
> 	    kaveri_me.bin kaveri_mec.bin kaveri_mec2.bin kaveri_pfp.bin
> 	    kaveri_rlc.bin kaveri_sdma.bin mullins_ce.bin mullins_me.bin
> 	    mullins_mec.bin mullins_pfp.bin mullins_rlc.bin mullins_sdma.bin
> 	    oland_ce.bin oland_mc.bin oland_me.bin oland_pfp.bin oland_rlc.bin
> 	    oland_smc.bin pitcairn_ce.bin pitcairn_mc.bin pitcairn_me.bin
> 	    pitcairn_pfp.bin pitcairn_rlc.bin pitcairn_smc.bin tahiti_ce.bin
> 	    tahiti_mc.bin tahiti_me.bin tahiti_pfp.bin tahiti_rlc.bin
> 	    tahiti_smc.bin verde_ce.bin verde_mc.bin verde_me.bin verde_pfp.bin
> 	    verde_rlc.bin verde_smc.bin
> Log Message:
>  Add more missing firmwares.

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