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re: CVS commit: src/share/mk

> On 11.12.2012 00:25, matthew green wrote:
> >> Module Name:       src
> >> Committed By:      pooka
> >> Date:              Mon Dec 10 20:58:55 UTC 2012
> >>
> >> Modified Files:
> >>    src/share/mk:
> >>
> >> Log Message:
> >> Deal with crti and crtn not present in some EXTERNAL_TOOLCHAIN's.  Also,
> >> handle "missing" crtstuff internally instead of depending on external
> >> intervention.
> >
> > what is this change for?
> So that you don't get bogus dependencies.

can you explain exactly what you're doing to need this?

> > using sed here is wrong, irrespective of the comment reason you've
> > given.  if TOOL_SED isn't available, we shouldn't even be processing
> > this file yet.  that seems like the fix you should look for here.
> If using sed here is wrong, then using sed instead of TOOL_SED in the 
> multiple configure scripts under src/tools is wrong too.  Do you want to 
> fix those first?

that's not a valid argument.

src/tools/ configure scripts, once HOST_SED is available, *should*
be using it.  but those are configure scripts whose whole purpose
is to be portable.  your change is to a netbsd-specific part of
the build, that shouldn't be used until HOST_SED is available.

if is being used too early, please fix that.

> > what is this EXTERNAL_TOOLCHAIN you're using?  i'm totally at a loss
> > what this change is useful for besides re-adding a host dependancy
> > on sed.
> The solaris/cygwin toolchains, e.g.:
> $ cc --print-file-name=crtbegin.o
> /usr/local/lib/gcc/sparc-sun-solaris2.10/4.4.4/crtbegin.o
> $ cc --print-file-name=crtbeginS.o
> crtbeginS.o

OK, so instead of making poor changes to our bsd*.mk can you please
revert this change and start a discussion on tech-toolchain about
the right way to fix this?



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