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Re: CVS commit: src/sys/arch/sparc

On 1 August 2012 13:42, Izumi Tsutsui <> wrote:
> christos@ wrote:
>> It is simple enough to arrange to be notified about autobuild failures.
> See above.  I'm afraid automated daily notifies which
> won't stop until "real fix" are too annoying.
> If it's sent ~bi-weelky like our gnats, it's fine for me.

Possibly an on-failure/on-resume with a weekly "current fails"?

It could even collate the data nightly and include the details for all
ports, so for example dreamcast-builds@ list gets an email like they
below they can be pretty certain it was an MI change that broke

| Subject: HEAD builds: dreamcast FAIL
| Build report for: HEAD 201209091130
| dreamcast: FAIL (was OK)
| All ports: FAIL (was OK)
| acorn26 acorn32 algor alpha amd64 amiga amigappc arc atari bebox
| cats cesfic cobalt dreamcast emips evbarm evbsh3-sh3eb evbsh3-sh3el
| ews4800mips hp300 hp700 hpcarm hpcmips hpcsh i386 ibmnws iyonix
| landisk luna68k mac68k macppc mipsco mmeye mvme68k mvmeppc netwinder
| news68k newsmips next68k ofppc pmax prep rs6000 sandpoint sbmips-mipseb
| sbmips-mipsel shark sparc sparc64 sun2 sun3 x68k zaurus
| All ports: FAIL (unchanged)
| evbmips-mips64eb evbmips-mips64el evbmips-mipseb evbmips-mipsel evbppc
| sgimips vax

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