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Re: CVS commit: src/sys/arch/usermode

On 31 December 2011 15:41, Jared D. McNeill <> 
> No reason why it can't be used on other ports, but I wasn't sure the best
> way to solve the bootstrap problem wrt the network stack. In usermode case,
> it listens on a socket provided by the host OS.

Could it not just listen on a port for connections? The console would
not be visible until
an interface had a valid IP, but other than that everything *should*
Just Work...

Alternatively could it be modelled similarly to NFS root, whereby the
system uses dhcp obtained
information (or data set in config) to determine how to make the
console available.

Another random thought - could it be attached *in addition* to an
existing console, providing a way to view and manipulate a console
remotely (providing the appropriate interface remains configured).

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