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Re: CVS commit: src

On Jan 28, 2011, at 6:40 AM, Izumi Tsutsui wrote:

> pooka@ wrote:
>>>> additionally, userland is built with MKSOFTFLOAT=yes,
> :
>>> In that case, shouldn't we have different ${MACHINE_ARCH}
>>> for different binaries?
>> i think you're right.  hmm, looking at the build cluster output there
>> seem to be very few sets shared between mips archs (i don't know the
>> details of how they are selected).
> base and comp can't be shared due to <machine/disklabel.h> etc.
> On the other, packages binaries are seriously affected.

disklabel.h should export nothing to userland and values userland
needs should be obtained via sysctl.

I've been asking this question of various developers for a while.

>> Do you have a naming suggestion?  mipsebsf?
> hpcmips chose and implemented painful fpemul to avoid such discussion,
> IIRC :-)
> It looks eb/el should be suffix, but probably we should check
> other OSes and misc configure scripts etc.

One thing I've played with implementing a softfloat lib that
used the hardfloat instructions in the softfloat calls.  So it's
a bit slower than direct FP but compatible with softfloat.

My idea was to preload this with mechanism based on
machdep.fpu_present value.  With martin's work on SIGFPE from 
userland this becomes more practical.

>> should the mips64 archs be
>> renamed to follow the same convention?
> Only if we will also have non-softfloat mips64?
> (as sh3 has only softfloat currently)

sbmips has hardfloat as do many other mips64 processors.

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