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Re: CVS commit: src/sys/uvm

Some more rambling commments;

> Colour match between VPN and PFN is *must*

There are two cases when colour match rule does matter;

1. new physical page is assigned for a given va.
   -> just make sure to choose matched PFN with VPN.
2. kernel double maps another va, which may be KVA or UVA.
   -> just make sure to choose a matched va.
   -> for example, vmapbuf() is responsible to do it right.

Infamous "SOSEND_NO_LOAN" option fails into the second
case.  ipc_socket.c is apparently ignorant about KVA
colour matching.  It ends up with potential VIPT alias by
choosing conflicting KVA to make double map.

The most common usage of mmap(2) is like;

   va = mmap((void *)0, ... );

Kernel is free to choose and return va which fits at "colour
boundary."   If conflicting va is given in the 1st argument,
mmap neglects the hint value and choose matched va
which may or may not be close to the hint.

For each port, it's just ok to tell UVM the number of colour
at boot time.  In PIPT system, the number is one, which
makes whole VM logic works just as before.   In VIPT
system, determine the number of colour from cache size
and way count to tell.  No pmap fixup code is necessary.

I would emphasis here that whole VIPT issue lies in MI part
of VM, which is unware of colour match scheme and makes
VIPT alias by itself, not in VM MD part.

Toru Nishimura / ALKYL Technology

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