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Re: CVS commit: src

On 1/4/11 6:32 PM, Paul Goyette wrote:
On Wed, 5 Jan 2011, Jeff Rizzo wrote:

Log Message:
Update resize_ffs tests for byteswapped file system support, and
for UFS2 growth support. Also, reduce the number of tests run by default
while still maintaining decent coverage of features and block sizes.
Anyone working on resize_Ffs should run the tests with RESIZE_FFS_ALL_TESTS
set in the environment, which adds a lot more testing.


I'm wondering if maybe it would be "more correct" to use an atf variable (ie, atf-run -v RESIZE_FFS_ALL_TESTS=true) rather than something in the environment?

As an example, take a look at my recent commit for src/tests/lib/libc/string/t_popcount.c

Yeah, that's probably a better way to handle it. I'll look into doing that tomorrow.


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