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Re: CVS commit: src

On Mon, Jul 5, 2010 at 8:31 PM, David Holland
<> wrote:
> The way some of the tests are organized suggests that the intended
> model is one test program per test victim (or per test victim and
> substantially different testing harness) and then one test case per
> bug affecting that victim.
> Is that right?

Depends on what you understand by "victim" :-P

I've seen this kind of separation in many testing frameworks.  And it
usually comes in handy.

For unit tests: you have a test program for every source module.  Such
test program contains one unit test per function or one unit test per
function/subcases (e.g. error paths, an input array with elements, an
input array without elements, etc.)

For integration/system/whatever tests: you have a test program per
"semantic" unit (I guess that's what you call victims ;-) and then
test cases for every particular scenario you want to represent.  Say,
for a command-line tool, you just have a single test program that
feeds different options and argument values to it and checks results;
every combination goes into a test case.  For a web server, you'd have
a test program for simple requests (and then provide all possible
values of requests as test cases), another test program for ssl (with
test cases for valid/invalid certificates), etc.  For the VFS layer,
the granularity of a test program per public function seems reasonable
to me, with test cases for different input/output value combinations.
Whatever is most suitable for a particular application; it's certainly
up to the developer.

*However*, the current practice of writing test programs with just one
test case in them seems wrong to me -- but only if the test program
carries a name that does not allow for further growth.  Such approach
provides no cohesion of test cases and it makes things harder to
maintain (for all the reasons pooka mentioned regarding the addition
of new test programs to the tree).

Julio Merino

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