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Re: CVS commit: src

On Mon, Jul 5, 2010 at 1:53 PM, Nicolas Joly <> wrote:
> Module Name:    src
> Committed By:   njoly
> Date:           Mon Jul  5 12:53:59 UTC 2010
> Modified Files:
>        src/distrib/sets/lists/tests: mi
>        src/etc/mtree: NetBSD.dist.base
>        src/tests/fs: Makefile
> Added Files:
>        src/tests/fs/vfs: Atffile Makefile t_rmdirrace.c
> Log Message:
> Add test program that use sample code from kern/41937, and fs rump
> helpers to check currently supported filesystems.
> t_rmdirrace (1/1): 5 test cases
>    ext2fs_race: Passed.
>    ffs_race: Passed.
>    msdosfs_race: Passed.
>    sysvbfs_race: Passed.
>    tmpfs_race: Passed.


But one suggestion: test programs should have a generic name whereas
the test cases should carry the more specific name.  This makes it
possible to reuse a test program to provide several test cases and,
therefore, reduces the burden of adding new test programs every time
we want to test something.

In this particular case, it'd have made sense (imo) to name the test
program "t_rmdir" and the test case "race".  This way, t_rmdir can
very easily accommodate future tests for rmdir(2) without the need to
create a test program -- and adding a single test case is trivial, but
adding a test program currently is not.

Julio Merino

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