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Re: CVS commit: src/distrib/sets

> maybe, but this isn't how sets could be used today with our system.
> there are issues that are like having different, incompatble, build
> options for packages.  some people can't or don't want to use them.
> eg, do you want to force all pkg users to have no options?  i think
> all the people who want mplayer but don't want arts might get a bit
> upset with that idea...

In the ideal world, everything is modular (== binary packages,
plug-ins).  Imagine if you can do:

pkg_add mplayer
pkg_add mplayer-plugin-arts

Do you still need build-time options?

The difference between pkgsrc & base is that we don't have control of
sources in pkgsrc, which is the reason why we have build options.  In
base (kernel + userland), we have control & fix code, and can make
everything modular.

> i think smarter sets tag handling would be great.
> we could remove a *lot* of duplicated X11 lines.. for instance.

What is your problem specifically?

> this has nothing to do with modular world.

Modualr == binary package.  Same thing.


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