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re: CVS commit: src/distrib/sets

   >  > "dtrace,zfs" means "MKDTRACE=yes" *and* "MKZFS=yes" which is not what
   >  > we want. Invent a flag "solaris" which is the or of those two flags.
   > should sets be taught an or operator?
   Not really.  In modular world, these should be represented as modules 
   + dependency.  Pretty much same as binary packages + dependencies in pkgsrc.

maybe, but this isn't how sets could be used today with our system.
there are issues that are like having different, incompatble, build
options for packages.  some people can't or don't want to use them.
eg, do you want to force all pkg users to have no options?  i think
all the people who want mplayer but don't want arts might get a bit
upset with that idea...

i think smarter sets tag handling would be great.

we could remove a *lot* of duplicated X11 lines.. for instance.

this has nothing to do with modular world.


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