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Re: CVS commit: src

In article <>,
Perry E. Metzger <> wrote:
>matthew green <> writes:
>>    Alan Barrett <> writes:
>>    > Perry, please could you answer this question.
>>    I'd rather not re-open the discussion without a good cause to do so, no.
>> christos, myself and alan have all asked you about this and you
>> continue to refuse to answer it.
>Actually, we had a reasonable discussion and it ended with most people
>apparently satisfied. You and Alan are continuing, Christos seemed fine
>with the result.

I was not fine :-) I gave up, there are other more important things in

>Could someone explain to me what the big deal in the first place is?
>Does having an extra boolean really make the world a horrible place?
>So MKREPRO will set MKARZERO, what's the big deal? Why is this worth
>getting upset about? Jeesh.

It is not nice to have one MK variable overwrite another and I don't think
we have a precedence for this.


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