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Re: CVS commit: src/usr.bin/make

David Holland <> writes:
>  > Note: there's a special rule for main.o in Makefile with a purpose I
>  > can't actually discern -- I think it isn't needed, and I've flagged it
>  > with a comment.
> Given what you've removed, it has no further purpose.

I'll remove that.

> However, I think you should put back the change to main.c that sets
> MAKE_VERSION if passed on the command line; I suspect either pkgsrc
> and/or sjg's portable release probably use it, and probably if we
> aren't going to put a dynamic date into it from the makefile, we
> should put a static date into it.

Okay, I'll put that part of the change back. It causes no actual harm
to leave it.

> Maybe what we want to set it to is something like
>   grep '$NetBSD' *.[ch] lst.lib/*.[ch] | sed 's,.*$NetBSD,,;s,/,,g' |\
>     awk '{ print $4 }' | sort | tail -1
> which would be the same for every build of the same sources but still
> more or less reflect the date of -current.

That sort of date seems unobjectionable since it reflects the last
change made to the sources rather than the last compile date. However,
I'm not sure why one actively wants it given that you have all the
rcsid's already in the binary. Also, why would one want it more in
"make" than in any other program?

Perry E. Metzger      

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